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Cynthia W. - Realtor

"Starting a business and creating a brand is no easy feat. I didn’t even know where to begin - but one of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Kinzel Creative! Kristina meticulously helped me make every decision and slowly everything fell into place. I have now hired them both on as my creative team. I finally have the dreamy Instagram I have always wanted and I honestly couldn’t have done it without them. They have worked tirelessly for me and my real estate company, and their hard work, love and ambition has been absolutely phenomenal. I cannot express enough how happy I am with their services, and I encourage other companies who need help to reach out! Not only did they help with my brand, but their photography service was also amazing! I was terrified to get behind the camera, but they made it easy and fun! Thomas took incredible photos, and the final edits were exactly what I was looking for! To other companies that need help with brand, fresh photos, or guidance on social media platforms I encourage you to reach out for a consult! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!"

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Nishka - Radost Essentials

"I have had a great time working with Kinzel Creative. As a small business owner I was a wee bit afraid of where and how to start in the social media foray. Kristina and Thomas are so easy going and knowledgeable, they made the experience fun and super informative. They walked me through every stage and gave me options and ideas that truly made the whole experience such a positive one. They are so thoughtful with how they presented my content and when to drop new posts. I always felt like they were available if I needed to ask any questions which was really awesome. The two of them make such an amazing team and I felt included the entire time. I would definitely recommend them to any business that needs a hand getting going. They know what they are doing and their passion is contagious!"

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Chantelle P. - Design House Salon

"We absolutely loved worked with Kinzel Creative. Their professionalism and eye for creativity made it a pleasure to work with. Kristina is a lovely person and immediately makes you feel comfortable and heard. Together, Kinzel Creative are a powerhouse couple with tons of talent to bring to the table!
I highly recommend them for branding, content creation and social media management."


Why Instagram Is Crucial To Your Business/Brand

Now more than ever, businesses are pivoting their strategies to show up online.

Instagram is an extremely powerful tool to increase your brand awareness,

direct people to your site, and convert sales. It helps to build a community

of loyal customers and keeps them connected to your brand on a deeper,

more personal level. The more an individual can emotionally connect with your brand, the more they will trust and grow with you.


$2,000 + GST


"Creating and keeping up with

a solid social plan

can help you grow and sustain

your business and your community." 

- Kristina Kinzel

Whether you're new to the world of social media or just need someone to take the reins when it comes to creating your content, Kinzel Creative will get you on the right track by building your brand connection with new and returning customers.

Services + Investment


Is your IG page not performing the way you'd hoped? we will take a deep dive into your profile and assess what changes you can make to enhance your Instagram page performance.

We will then send you an in depth overview + some valuable tips/strategies.


$150 + GST


While running your business, learning the ins and outs of Canva and creating content for your Instagram can be absolutely time consuming. Let us take the stress

off your hands by creating your templates for you!


1.5 hr session getting you up to speed with the latest IG updates that could change your course of action when it comes to running your IG page. We will give you valuable tips that will help your specific business page. 

This session also includes an IG audit of your page (if applicable).

After our session, we will send you an in depth audit, and an overview of tips and strategies.


$350+ GST

Ready to level up your business online?

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