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"I was so lucky to be introduced to Thomas and Kristina. My company was in the middle of a campaign and we needed some creative video editing and inspiring messaging to help share our company's story. My request of them would be no easy task! They were only able to use existing footage and had to comb through thousands of assets in order to develop an inspirational 3min video - and within a limited timeline, no less. I wasn't expecting much, only because of how clearly the odds were stacked against them. From the get-go I was amazed at how excited they were to be working on the project. It was wonderful how often they stayed in contact with me - keeping me in the loop about their progress. The end result blew my mind! Kinzel Creative went above and beyond for us and they will definitely be a group that we'll be seeking out for future efforts. They are truly a dynamic team."



Curtis Gobbett , Director of Marketing

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